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is a one-stop telecommunication, infrastructure, and digital solutions provider. Founded in 2017, we are in no way a new firm. Part of REDtone Group, with a multi-decade portfolio of innovation across multiple companies and geographies, we are built-for-business.

As a licensed local loop telecom service provider, we offer cutting-edge corporate and enterprise solutions, cloud powered hosting and services, triple play, on-demand entertainment, customer onboarding, educational, and fintech solutions across a variety of customer journeys/touchpoints. With presence across Pakistan’s major cities, we are primed to disrupt the conventional and bring you the future.

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REDtone Group

REDtone Group is a leading global provider of communication technology services including advanced telephony, satellite broadband, innovative digital technologies, data, and voice termination. Our proud network of companies includes:

Connectivity is an essential human need, and since 2004, REDtone has helped connect millions across the globe. We offer world-class communication services and solutions backed by REDtone Group’s leading-edge network, expertise, and global relationships. With services and solutions for businesses of all sizes, we have what you need to link to the world of your customers. That is how we became one of the nation’s largest long-distance International services provider.

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Clicksat offers a game-changing technology that provides broadband services to consumer and enterprise markets across Pakistan. With our mission to bridge the digital divide, we bring the power of reliable connectivity to the underserved and unserved areas of Pakistan through state-of-the-art highspeed satellite communication solutions in conjunction with Yahsat. Yahsat is fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi.

Whether you require last-mile broadband internet for your non-profit, Satellite WAN connectivity for carrier services, or broadcasting services for your news channel, our cost-effective CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) bundles include fixed, flyaway and Drive-away antenna systems, allowing you to stay connected, wherever you are.

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For over a decade, Quantum Global Communications Inc. (QGC) has been the international wholesale arm for REDtone Telecommunications, an LDI in Pakistan. We are a leading global provider of superior wholesale VoIP and SMS services and boast a network of over 300+ interconnects across the globe, with the capability of carrying over 10,000+ calls concurrently, alongside several million SMS per day. We help global enterprises and institutions deliver wherever their users are without compromise, while also creating revenue generation opportunities for our carriers and partners through wholesale and retail traffic.

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Our Ethos

REDtone Digital Services is on a mission to evolve the way we learn, communicate and collaborate. With a future-proof technology stack, we are evolving the digital landscape of countries and bringing you the future.

People First

To bridge the digital divide, we employ some of the best talent out there. Our people are our strength; with some of the best tech and business talent out there, you are in safe hands when you work with RDS.

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