Shenzhen Horion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, is one of the greatest providers of intelligent products and solutions in Tian’an Yungu, China. Our mission is “Intelligence Transforms the Future” and we give a high-end quality display. This Interactive panel is not just a device used for smart conferencing and screening, but a product that portrays efficiency and identity. These panels are used in many different places, from education and corporate sectors to various business meetings for displaying the products. Horion’s major focus is on product R&D for giving better display quality.

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Whether you require last-mile broadband internet for your non-profit, Satellite WAN connectivity for carrier services, or broadcasting services for your news channel, our cost-effective CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) bundles allow you to stay connected across Pakistan. We offer Satellite Broadband services through our group company Clicksat, powered by Yahsat Y1-B, a Ka-band satellite. This allows us to provide a cost-effective solution, with smaller and low-cost CPE’s, high-speed data rates, to deploy to remote areas that are difficult to serve through terrestrial broadband networks.

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P2P and P2MP Radios
RDS offers a wide range of solutions on Point-to-Point (P2P) and Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) radios in ISM band, providing building-to-building connectivity, leased line and fiber link replacement, wireless fail-over and high-speed Internet access.

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RDS next-generation GPON based Fiber to Home Internet brings the future to your very doorstep.  Fast, reliable, efficient, and affordable internet and voice services, RDS FTTX offers high-performance, business-grade fiber optic Broadband with unlimited* data and symmetrical speeds of up to 50 Mbps. With exceptional availability, meaning access whenever one needs it.

High speed Internet service with 99% availability.

Improved efficiency and reliability.

Hassle-free migration to the cloud from on-premise applications.

Up to 10 times the speed of DSL broadband.

24×7 help desk and field support.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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RDS provides state-of-the-art VoIP solutions for call centres in partnership with our sister concern, Redtone Telecommunications Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, a renowned LDI Operator in the country. We offer switching and billing solutions to build a world-class voice retail & wholesale service platform on over 300 routes and interconnects across the globe. Our bespoke service levels (Platinum, Gold and Silver) give you the ability to choose the best solution that is right for your business’s needs.

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Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Looking for an SD-WAN that lets your enterprise leverage the right combination of transport services? Then look no further than RDS Cisco SD-WAN based connectivity. It offers unparalleled visibility across the WAN, allowing you to intelligently direct traffic and ensure optimal connectivity for end-users, coupled with the most comprehensive security platform to protect your network. With class-leading application experience and real-time cloud optimization on all major cloud platforms, RDS SD-Wan offers unmatched service benefits:

Application Experience

Predictable SLA on all critical enterprise applications.

Application-aware policies with real-time enforcement around network problems.

Multiple hybrid active-active links for all scenarios.

Best in class integrated security

Zero-trust foundation with authentication and encryption.

Segmentation to isolate and protect critical assets with cloud, partner networks, guest wireless etc.

Enterprise firewall, IPS, AMP, DNS-layer enforcement, URL filtering, A/V and SSL decryption proxy integrated into SD-WAN.

Cloud Optimized

Seamlessly extend the WAN to multiple public clouds.

Real-time optimized performance for Office365, Sales force and other major SaaS applications.

Optimized workflows for AWS and Azure. 

Operational Simplification

Single management dashboard for configuration and management of WAN, cloud and security.

Template-based, Zero touch provisioning for all locations.

Full automation with RESTful integration into existing tools.

Rich Analytics

Granular visibility of applications and infrastructure enables rapid failure correlation and mitigation

Sophisticated forecasting and what-if analysis for effective resource planning

Insightful recommendations for policy changes based on traffic patterns

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With emails being the primary drivers of business communication, our SMTP services give organizations stable, secure and reliable mailing facilities, offering them the peace of mind they need to focus on their essential business objectives.

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