Network security is pivotal for entities where Internet threats can severely hinder business growth, data security and adversely affect compliance efforts. You need next-gen preemptive threat mitigation solutions that safeguard your core infrastructure. 

The Network & Security practice at RDS is powered by our expertise and partnerships across industry-leading cybersecurity and network brands, such as CrowdStrike, PALOALTO, RAPID 7, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Cisco, Fortinet, VMWARE, DELL, Citrix, Revbits, Group IB, etc. 

Offering top of the line network security solutions to protect endpoints, applications, systems and networks. Backed by our dedicated sales, pre-sales and support teams, we develop and deliver solutions to keep you secure and operative. We cater to customized needs and address the solutions that best match your business goals.

Our Network & Security Portfolio include


User Protection and Server Security

Access Security

Application Security




Risk Assessment and Compliance

Risk Assessment and Compliance

Advance Enterprise Security

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