From enabling digital transformation to powering the next big leaps in communication to assisting you in reaching your customer anywhere across the country, we offer your organization both turnkey and bespoke solutions to help solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

CIR Internet Service

Today’s businesses and companies require seamless, fast, and widely available connectivity. RDS takes care of your needs through our premium CIR Internet bandwidth services at competitive rates, scalable to your precise needs, and with the backing of our 24x7x365 support. Our internet works through direct peering with submarine cable providers, enabling us to provide businesses the optimum backbone of class performance at very affordable rates. Our routes are optimized and offer Industry-leading SLAs, availability, latency, jitter, and packet drop prevention. We are available in remote areas with our last mile deployments as well as in major cities; and analyse all ongoing traffic through MRTG.

SME/SOHO Internet Packages

Whether you are a home business or a growing enterprise, our top-grade infrastructure will redefine your connectivity expectations, through affordable, flexible and easily scalable, secure solutions. We bring fast, reliable, efficient, and affordable Internet and voice services to your doorstep, with our high-performance next-generation GPON based Fiber-To-Home (FTH) Internet*.

  • Speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps enough to power every tablet, notebook, smartphone, streaming device and gaming system in your office.
  • No upload/download limits (FAP applicable).
  • Seamless browsing, streaming and downloading.
  • Free built-in Wi-Fi.
  • 24×7 support & helpdesk.
  • Single Static IP address available.
  • Unlimited domestic and international calling available.
  • One fixed IP (static) is available.
  • CPE device is inclusive.
  • Last mile is fibre.
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable to all packages.
  • Taxes will be applicable as per Govt. rules & regulations.

Email Hosting

RDS premium email hosting solutions offer peace of mind and performance, with hosting on dedicated email platforms, and security through next-gen spam and virus filtering. We offer your business unlimited email accounts with secure POP/IMAP/SMTP and compatibility with third-party email clients including mobile, allowing you to continue your business wherever you are.


  • Malware Scan: We use industry-leading malware scanners to scan every file upload sent from our server.
  • SSL Included: Ensure a secure connection with a free SSL certificate from RDS Host.
  • RDS WebBox: Access your emails anywhere, easily, and quickly with a great looking web client.
  • Daily Backups: We give you the peace of mind that only daily cloud-based backups of your inbox can offer.

Web Hosting

RDS offers premium web hosting services to help project the corporate confidence your business needs, by keeping your website performing at its optimum. Sites hosted on our platform are highly efficient, responsive, and have virtually zero downtime, owing to our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, which is fine-tuned for optimal performance.

Linux Hosting Windows Hosting Word Press Hosting
cPanel Email Protection One-click WordPress
Email Protection 24/7 Tech Support WP-CLI Enabled
24/7 Tech Support Unlimited Data 24/7 Tech Support
Unlimited Data FTP Access One-click Staging
FTP & SSH Access 99.9% Uptime Guarantee SSH & SFTP Access
99.9% Uptime Guarantee DDoS Protection 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
DDoS Protection Multi Code Support DDoS Protection
Multi Code Support One Click Apps 24/7 Site Monitoring
24/7 Site Monitoring File Backups Auto updates
One Click Apps ASP.NET Hosting
File Backups MS SQL Server Hosting

RDS Voice

A reliable Voice network is essential for your communication needs as a business. RDS assists in ensuring a solution with no noise, jitter, and delay at competitive rates to cater to your requirements. This is done through our exceptionally reliable, resilient infrastructure, dedicated help desk and experienced support staff, allowing us to deliver a formidable user experience:

We offer:

  • SIP Trunk (Session Initiation Protocol)
  • PRI (Primary Rate Interface)
  • Single Line (POTS)
  • Value Added Services
  • Toll Free
  • UAN:
    Our UAN facility is specially designed to cater to a diverse array of organizations and working groups, allowing you to subscribe to different telephone lines in different places and cities through a single, unique, easy to remember Universal telephone number. The system will translate the UAN number to a specific corresponding PSTN number according to the area of the caller, allowing you and your customer to connect seamlessly in case of complaints and queries.

RDS Hosted PBX

RDS Hosted PBX is designed to help organizations save on two of its most valuable resources: capital and time. Our cloud-based PBX system allows customers to connect to it through a leased line or the Internet, eliminating the need to invest in costly and cumbersome traditional systems. Our intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) ensures ease of use, and the system includes a host of other cutting-edge features, such as phone books, call recording, forwarding, and blacklisting.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

For your international enterprise and business, constant, instant, and seamless connectivity between geographically dispersed locations is critical. We offer our cost-effective, reliable, and easily scalable circuits to help support your overseas business operations no matter where you are. RDS IPLC provides end-to-end dedicated international circuits between Pakistan and any international destination, including China, Europe, and the USA through our strong connectivity arrangements with global partners. Within Pakistan, access to the customer is provisioned through optical fiber or wireless as last-mile media. Our product covers a wide range of circuit speeds and features, all backed by airtight SLAs, and is proactively monitored and managed by our 24×7 network operations team.

Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC)

If your organization requires unmatched performance, control, security, and scalability for its integrated traffic, RDS has you covered. Our reliable, high-speed, fiber-optic network coverage nationwide, in collaboration with our strategic partners provides a seamless and wholesome experience. We provide point to point connectivity for Domestic leased circuits to our customers in all major cities across the country directly through our Points of Presence (POPs), thereby catering to a wide range of interfaces and data rates. Our DPLC circuits are ideal for banks, large enterprises, insurance companies, government entities and those with a need for high-speed data and voice services.

We also offer Dark Fiber Services to customers who need to manage the technology evolution on their high bandwidth data connections. Dark Fiber is an enterprise’s fully dedicated fiber-optic point-to-point connection.

Wi-Fi Solutions

RDS Hotspot solutions give your business the boost in footfall it needs to navigate today’s challenging economic environment, also allowing you to better harness the power of your customer data. From restaurants to cafés to shopping malls and other consumer forward enterprises of all sizes, our Hotspot solutions help businesses increase their physical traffic by providing them with customer analytics, helping them gauge customer experience in real-time through the live dashboard.