MyMo is the need of the hour where banks and fintechs are looking to build next-gen customer experience. Now you can cater to a tech-savvy millennial audience by enabling secure payments through any mobile messaging platform through its keyboard functionality.

MyMo is a payment platform that allows banks and digital wallet customers to make secure payments anywhere they use a mobile keyboard. This enables your customer to “Pay while they chat” without switching to another app. MyMo can be integrated via an existing consumer mobile app and allows one to send money through any social media platform by enabling the MyMo keyboard in their mobile device.

MyMo uses TLS 1.2 for encryption of all data sent to the server and operates on a PCI-DSS certified platform. No data is stored on the client and is encrypted in-flight and during storage, offering you and the customer state-of-the-art security and peace of mind.

OnBo is our proprietary digital onboarding and identity platform that helps digitize the legacy customer-onboarding process. We make customer acquisition much simpler by getting rid of a complex/manual acquisition process and reduce paperwork, errors and fraud.

From making customer onboarding safer and smoother, to collecting employee data for HR to use for drafting digital contracts for virtual signing, OnBo can help you make and transmit documents hassle-free. It can also extract and validate data using ID documents from 150 countries and supports multiple forms of biometric ID. OnBo can also directly deposit data into your existing systems and allow mobile or web app deployment of your process from your cloud or data centre. It is connected to dozens of third-party interfaces, giving you access to the data you need to make the best calls for your business.

To digitize the global education process, we must enable all its practices to function seamlessly. With InVigil, examinations can be completely digitized, and the conventional invigilation process can be evolved. Through AI, OCR, deep learning and industry-first biometrics, we are changing the way examinations are conducted and making sure standards are maintained.

Digital KYC isn’t the future, it’s the present. For many organizations, it’s fast becoming their preferred method owing to its radical convenience and security offerings versus the expensive, time consuming, and potentially hazardous ordeal of in-person verification. RDS introduces vIDeo, Virtual Personal Verification, which simply allows your staff to quickly and easily verify or onboard your customer through videoconferencing on their own device. Up to 90% of customer cases can be onboarded through this simple, economical and efficient process, while any exceptions can be referred to a back office.

Face biometrics make KYC and digital onboarding convenient and secure. With our LiveID offering, you can now have an industry-first facial recognition solution, ready to integrate with your existing apps and/or platforms.

Live ID’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning make it virtually impossible to fool the system using photos or masks, distinguishing real-life images and videos from spoofs. All while allowing your customer to safely access their accounts and services whenever and wherever they want.

REDRETAIL is a digital retail platform that has the power to transform your brick-and-mortar shop into a future-proof digital store. With powerful features and technology, we can augment conventional offline experiences like merchandising, inventory management, supply & logistics, POS, and payments: digitizing them to bring transparency, automation and excitement to your customer’s typical retail experience.

With the massive ongoing shift towards distance learning and online education, RDS brings you a learning management system in partnership with Edmodo: the largest global online learning community with 125+ million registered users from 190+ countries. Edmodo provides flexible digital spaces for educators to engage 21st-century learners in a meaningful learning community with class tools that allow for extensive collaboration and communication. From communication to sharing class materials and making learning accessible anywhere. Edmodo helps educators consolidate their classroom tools, while empowering students to participate as full digital citizens, and its robust parental tools also help keep families informed and updated.