Wholesale Services

RDS White label wholesale services allow you to benefit from our world-class network infrastructure at wholesale rates, making it easier for you to focus on what is important to your ISP business without burdening your bottom line. We seamlessly manage back end services: Everything from customer provisioning, installation, and integration to account management and customer care, all backed by SLAs designed to ensure the highest standards of service to end-users. This makes for a seamless user experience while guaranteeing customer data integrity, making our white-label service second to none.

Some key benefits and features include:

  • Dedicated servers such as DHCP, DNS.
  • No coverage and capacity constraints.
  • Zero cost for onboarding new customers.
  • Customized Layer-2 Data and VPN Services.
  • Dedicated internet services.
  • Highly secure service ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and access control.

IP Transit

RDS provides optimized internet connectivity with CIR bandwidth to facilitate your connectivity requirements and route IP traffic over the Internet. With a state-of-the-art network and outstanding customer support, IP Transit services are ideal for fixed and mobile broadband providers, content network providers, cloud-based service providers, and large enterprises.


Guaranteed traffic delivery

Flexibility & scalability

Highly resilient network

Unmatched 24×7 customer support

Rapid installation

Low latency routes

Wi-Fi Offloading Solutions

The democratization of mobile data has meant a staggering increase in its global usage, often at the expense of revenue growth for CSP’s. That is where RDS’s Wi-Fi Offload Services can offer solutions that alleviate associated costs, without affecting the experience of your end user. Our service allows you to seamlessly offload your excess cellular traffic onto our carrier-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure, without a costly CAPEX investment, while keeping you in complete control of network management and visibility.