With the transformation of our homes into hubs for work, play, and social activities, you need a partner that can consistently and conveniently keep your digital life connected. This is why you need RDS, with its ultrafast, business-grade Fiber-To-Home services to help deliver the digital future to your door: fast, affordable and reliable, with the support and network muscle to help you stay connected and entertained.


The Future of Un-parallel Connectivity
Bringing Next-Generation Connectivity

Elements: Broadband / HD TV / Voice
Redlinkx powered by RDS is a fiber-to-the-home consumer internet, television, and voice service that is here to revolutionize the way we connect and collaborate with the world.
We understand that every home essentially needs stable connectivity to power its internet and on-demand entertainment experience. That is why we are on a mission to bring fiber to every home and help build a next-gen Pakistan that will no longer suffer interruptions and will be connected to the world.


With over a decade’s worth of experience, Redlinkx understands business’s connectivity needs are changing and have launched a future-proof Triple-Play service tailored for SME needs.

We deliver seamless high-quality internet services through our uniquely tailored architecture making us more reliable, faster, and scalable.
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As live linear continues its relentless migration online to the streaming world of Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, operators need to adapt and augment their entertainment experiences to keep their audiences interested. That’s where RDS’s turnkey IPTV solution comes into play. We provide low CAPEX software solutions, based on Google’s Android TV platform that utilise your existing network architecture to provide high definition live linear entertainment along with a cornucopia of other services. Best of all, our service is device agnostic, allowing OTT delivery through everything from media player boxes to game consoles to tv dongles.


  • A Complete Live Television & VOD software-based end-to-end platform that enables efficient delivery of 4K quality content to any device over existing infrastructure.
  • Seamlessly provides next generation technology and video services without the need for costly hardware or hybrid delivery solutions.


  • Cloud-based video encoding, storage, and streaming, management and delivery enables operators and content providers to scale at their own speed.
  • Increases efficiencies by federating cloud resources for scale and speed to deliver video to all devices.


  • TrickPlay lets users pause, fast forward, rewind live TV.
  • Voice & Text Search via Google TV.
  • Up to 72 -hours lookback facility via built-in Network DVR facility.
  • Support for Enhanced metadata and Closed Caption Secondary Languages.
  • Mobile Player access.