Pakistan is at the cusp of a leap-frog event. As a nation, we have seen hard times, but our resilience and adversity in the face of insurmountable odds have seen us emerge as a strong regional power.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has left the nation’s reeling. Pakistan was one of the countries that also saw a rise in cases, but quick thinking on the government’s part and a well-orchestrated smart-lockdown strategy has seen turn the tide. With a sharp fall in the number of cases for Covid-19, we are not just recovering, but growing.

The pandemic is in sorts the great equalizer. It has brought routine-life to a grinding halt and has asked us to revisit how we interact with people and our surroundings. It has also shaken up conventional business models, disrupting most and asking them to re-invent and move forward.

One particular sector that was affected badly was education. From taking classes physically to proctoring and appearing in examinations/assignments, the entire modus-operandi of learning was disrupted.

At REDtone Digital Services (RDS), we are in the market to digitize businesses. Our first response to this global emergency was to build products and partnerships that could evolve sectors quickly and help them move forward.

Concerning the education sector, we partnered with Edmodo, a global learning management system that has digitized education across geographies. Within a matter of days, we can take multiple educational institutes across Pakistan live. Our teams and our leadership took this as an opportunity to evolve the Pakistani landscape and offer our institutions 24/7 assistance to help students have access to educational services.

At RDS, we are invested in this great nation. It has given us all that we have and hold dear. Right now, during this time of crisis, we must adapt and learn. Education is a noble profession, one that has stood the testament of time. We are excited to help it transition to its digital evolution.