ESPL is a Global Grassroots online platform present in 13 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe and continues to grow rapidly. ESPL is an online community where gamers, brands, and different stakeholders can find tournaments, join teams, watch gaming news, and much more. RDS is bringing ESPL to Pakistan through a strategic partnership to operate and host tournaments for amateur gamers.

Esports Arena

Esports provides players with an arena where there is no discrimination of skill, experience, or money. It’s more than sports. Their tagline of ‘Tournaments Globally Every Week’ is what we do to close the gap between professional and amateur sports events. It is being introduced in Pakistan to empower its esports community. The organization aims to connect the esports audience with top-tier players so they get the recognition they deserve.
ESPL has hosted over 300+ tournaments in its first year with multiple brands and, in Southeast Asia alone, the gaming platform has seen an average of 3,000 participants for each of its branded tournaments.
With RDS, Esports Players League (ESPL) aims to empower amateur esports communities around the world with online and mobile eco-systems. By facilitating the large grassroots esports community, ESPL hopes to make esports accessible to anyone interested.

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