To bring a digital revolution in the Pakistani market, RDS is bringing Pakistan’s first Multi-Country Cloud called Redrackx (Powered by Virtalus) that deploys and builds infrastructure solutions. It has 11 Data Centers across the globe with high-grade IT solutions. Redrackx primarily focuses on five different cloud solutions. Each solution is integrated with cloud-enabling services that are designed upon client request relying on the infrastructure requirements.


Our advanced HyperCX Bento works on a state of the art design providing high-grade infrastructure that ensures higher performance ratio from the deployed workloads. The solution can easily control and deploy application workloads without any prior technical instructions to make the solution easy to manage and use.

Our prime solution covers over 100 applications ideal for enterprise productivity solutions, built per your requirements, giving you full control over your cloud infrastructure.

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Considering the pivotal cyber security situation in Pakistan, HyperCX MINIBENTO is your one-stop, cost-effective solution with high-grade security infrastructure focusing on cost-saving workload deployments, a dire need in Pakistan. For businesses to function and optimize in a secure atmosphere, HyperCX MINIBENTO is the prime solution to your entities.

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HyperCX Vault

Developed by a team of professionals with years of technical and cyber security experience, our HyperCX Vault is an innovative idea that turned into a safe, secure, and easy to the backup solution.

Vault is a security game-changer in Pakistan as its key USP is to safeguard sensitive data of organizations. The solution foresees and ensures that any natural or technical calamity is handled with swift measures without losing data. It works as a backup server as well, where it has multiple servers to back up data instantly.

If a server breaks down or loses, you can switch back to the previous version and carry on-going tasks without any data loss—a dire need for the Pakistan industry where handling sensitive data has been a point of concern.

It keeps versioning Virtual Machine’s (VM’s) images for better control over backing up data. You can have the utmost control whether to retain backups, store them, or configure them. It is a fully automated cloud infrastructure for your businesses.

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HyperCX DR

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Efficient and reliable services are a vital need today, and promising such a service is a risky task. Our Disaster Recovery (DR) solution is a game-changer when it comes to safeguarding sensitive data. It replicates and retains contents from one source and stores it on a remote platform instantaneously to ensure the Data loss is prevented under any circumstance.

It does that without slowing or hindering business operations, giving customers the utmost space to run operations smoothly. Seamless operations can be continued, and data can be accessed from a remote cluster from anywhere anytime.

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We offer affordable and capable graphics accelerated solutions for Virtual Machines that process multiple operations per second, allowing for faster and more resilient Virtual Machine operations. Businesses require a system that ensures high processing capabilities that lack in the Pakistani market.

Our HyperCX GPU crosses the mainstream CPU barrier by evaluating and fixing multiple issues in tailored packages designed for targeted businesses. The GPU offers a lot to your Virtual Machines allowing for a faster, more orchestrated machine learning experience.

No matter what the business structure is, we will provide custom packages to ensure your business receives the best packages and benefits. Through HyperCX GPU, your Virtual Machine will create direct access to the GPU for better processing performance. It further provides multiple end-users by increasing the total of graphics-accelerated VMs per host.

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HyperCX NFV is a solution targeting all medium and small cloud deployments without any interruption and loss of performance. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) aims to balance performance while transitioning Virtual Network Functions VNFs to HyperCX cloud users.

This means software-defined networking gives a controlled view of the network and internally tweaks the network to ensure a lag-free and smooth customer experience. It is a fast process of decoupling network functions from hardware and running them on a software platform.

This is a turnkey solution that will ease customer needs and ensure cloud users are catered to.

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